In recent years, UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) have conquered various fields of application. They have proven to be particularly useful in the area of photogrametric recording. 

For flights over vast areas (> 1 km²), conventional missions soon reach their limits. Flight missions often span over periods of multiple days. This may not only cause an increase in efforts and costs, but due to changing conditions (e.g.: weather and light) also a potential decrease in data quality or even a complete project failure. 

Within the project P-swarm we are developing a new method which allows for the simultaneous operation of multiple UAS. The main objective is to make the data collection process more efficient, while also increasing the data quality. By employing multiple UAS simultaneously and in a swarm formation, it is possible to chart extensive areas and complex objects within just one mission while taking advantage of oftentimes only short windows of favourable conditions. In order to keep flight costs low, we aim to do this while only using conventional consumer-grade UAS systems. To realize this mission, we are currently developing a “SWARM Box”, consisting of five UAS. Based on (among other things) digital surface models, multiple modes for data collection as well as swarm communication in real time allow for precise flights as well as intelligent and save data collection even in high alpine and difficult to access terrain. 


Project Profile

Contribution GEORESEARCH: Projektleitung

Project Partner: International Security Competence Center GmbH, Airnail e.U.

Project Duration: 2017 - 2018

Funding: FFG


Video P-SWARM 2

P-SWARM - Efficiently generating photogrammetric data

 Stand 2019

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Drone Hero Europe 2018

Im Rahmen der Commercial UAV Expo Europe (Amsterdam) haben wir mit unserem Projekt P-SWARM den prestigeträchtigen Drone Hero Europe 2018 Preis gewonnen! Mehr als 20 Drohnen-Innovationen aus 13 europäischen Ländern nahmen teil, sechs davon kamen ins Finale, drei waren die Gewinner: Im Bereich Start-up konnten wir die Jury mit unserer innovativen SWARM-box überzeugen. Vielen Dank an unsere Kooperationspartner ISCC (International Security Competence Center) und AIRNAIL für die erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit! 

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P-SWARM - Efficiently generating photogrammetric data


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TV-DOKU Massenbilanzierung von Gletschern mittels Drohnenschwarm

Wie werden Drohnen zur Massenbilanzierung von Gletschern eingesetzt? Ein Filmteam begleitete GEORESEARCH bei Arbeiten auf dem Ödenwinkelkees (Salzburg) und dokumentierte den Einsatz unseres Drohnenschwarms.

Der Beitrag wurde im Rahmen des Magazins "P.M. Wissen" am 22.11.2018 auf ServusTV ausgestrahlt und kann über die Mediathek abgerufen werden. 

Ein herzlicher Dank an unsere Projektpartner Airnail und das ISCC (International Security Competence Centre)!

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International Security Competence Center GmbH (ISCC)

Airnail e.U.



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