PROJECT UAS Underground

Thousands of underground structures were built by miners during the course of centuries and in modern times. Many of these historical sites are little known in their long-term geotechnical behavior, actual shape, size or even correct location. Their accessibility is often very limited for inspections or geometric modelling due to geotechnical risks or limited space. Modern mining also creates underground structures for stoping, ventilation, ore-transport and other purposes that are practically impossible to be inspected by humans for various reasons.


GC Mining, Georesearch and Airnail started to develop a service based on UAS for inspections and 3D-modelling of such inaccessible underground structures. The potential and limitations of UAS_Underground is currently being investigated with support from EIT RawMaterials.



Contribution GEORESEARCH: UAS-Pilot, UAS-Developement, scientific supervision

Project Partners: GC-Mining (Lead), Airnail e.U.

Project Duration: 11/2020 - 05/2021

Funding: Start-up- & SME-BoosterProgramm des EIT RawMaterials (H2020)




GC Mining

Airnail e.U.