Tren a las Nubes


Some problems require creative solutions. These are the problems we at GEORESEARCH are most interested in. Finding visionary solutions to some of the most challenging problems of alpine and urban areas is our aim and dedication. We think interdisciplinary and connect research questions across our three core research areas GEO, CONSTRUCTION and MONITORING-TECHNOLOGIES. By applying methods and techniques of various fields, such as risk management, ‘Building Information Modeling’ (BIM) and remote sensing, we aim to explore and develop innovative as well as efficient solutions for the private and public sector, always in close collaboration with our international competence network.

TV-DOCUMENTARY Glacier Mass Balancing with UAS Swarms

How can UASs (Unmanned Aerial Systems) be utilized for glacier mass balancing? A film crew accompanied GEORESEARCH during fieldwork at the Ödenwinkelkees (Salzburg) and recorded our UAS swarm in live action

The documentary aired on 22.11.2018 within the magazine "P.M. Wissen" on ServusTV and is available online. 

Many thanks to our project partners Airnail and ISCC (International Security Competence Centre)!

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CONFERENCE AK Permafrost 2018

AK Permafrost 2018

From 30.11. – 2.12.2018 we attended the 10th meeting of the AK Permafrost (Arbeitskreis Permafrost) in Bremerhaven, the largest permafrost meeting of the year in the German-speaking region. GEORESEARCH contributed two presentations and co-organized a workshop for young researchers (PYRN). A visit to the new C-14-laboratory at the AWI (Alfred-Wegener-Institut) in Bremerhaven was one of the meeting's highlights.


Drone Hero Europe 2018

At the Commercial UAV Expo Europe (Amsterdam) our project P-SWARM was awarded with the prestigious Drone Hero Europe 2018 prize! Over 20 drone innovations from 13 European countries competed, six reached the finals, and three were eventually crowned: In the start-up category our innovative SWARM-box successfully convinced the jury and took home the award. Many thanks to our partners ISCC (International Security Competence Center) and AIRNAIL for the successful cooperation.

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FIELDWORK Subglacial Drilling at Kitzsteinhorn


Eleven meters below the glacier surface, under demanding alpine conditions, we successfully drilled a new borehole into the headwall of the Schmiedingerkees glacier

We expect exciting new data on recent glacier retreat, future rockfall hazards and long-term cirque erosion. Many thanks to GEODATA for providing the drilling equipment. More information on our current ÖAW project 'GlacierRocks' is available here...

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PROJECT AlpSenseBench


AlpSenseBench is a one-year benchmark pilot study in four alpine regions (Bavaria, Tyrol, Salzburg, South Tyrol). It investigates high-availability remote sensing systems for early-warning of natural hazards in particularly climate-sensitive alpine regions. Due to its preventive character AlpSenseBech contributes significantly not only towards risk reduction, but also towards cost reduction of climate change related natural hazards. AlpSenseBench aims at the anticipation of natural hazards and the real-time warning of critical objects around infrastructures.

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Tren a las Nubes

P-SWARM is a project aimed at generating photogrammetric data more efficiently by employing multiple drones flying in swarm mode instead of just one. We are currently developing a swarm box, comprising five UASs, for a smart and fast swarm data generating process. It allows for three different acquisition modes and real swarm communication and is adjusted to a DEM in order to ensure a precise flight, even in high alpine and other challenging environments.

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Tren a las Nubes

Radioactive waste and the legacies of uranium mining combined with massive landslides pose tremendous risks to vast areas of Kyrgyzstan and their inhabitants. These risks comprise the potential destruction of radioactive legacies and thus, the mobilisation of radioactive materials through streams and rivers into intensively cultivated agricultural areas. For risk reduction and based on cutting-edge technologies, GEORESEARCH is developing a spatial and temporal scalable landslide monitoring and early warning system (LMEWS) for the Mailuu Suu region. The project’s long-term aim is to increase the safety of Kyrgyz uranium legacy complex sites through optimised monitoring and remediation measures.

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PUBLICATION Glacial Lakes in Austria


In the current issue of the internationally renowned scientific journal 'Global and Planetary Change' we present the latest research results on the distribution and formation of glacial lakes in Austria (Project FutureLakes).


Citation: Buckel J., Otto J.-C., Prasicek G., Keuschnig M. (2018): Glacial lakes in Austria - Distribution and formation since the Little Ice Age. Global and Planetary Change, Vol. 164, 39-51.


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COMPETENCE NETWORK buildingSMART Germany and Austria

EGU 2017

We have been a member of buildingSMART e.V. Germany for almost a year now - from now on GEORESEARCH is also part of the brand new buildingSMART Austria ( As part of the competence network in both countries we will actively contribute to Building Information Modeling and open standards. Our work is centered around BIM for underground construction/tunneling as well as infrastructure. We are looking foreward to constructive discussions and a good cooperation!

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PROJECT Tren a las Nubes

Tren a las Nubes

Since March 2017 we are working, funded by Austria Wirtschaftsservice Gesellschaft mbHand together with national and Argentinian partners, on our newest venture: Tren a las Nubes: Development potentials of an extreme mountain railway. The aim of the project is to define the chances and risks of the further development of the rail-bound freight transport along this railway connection between Argentina and Chile by using an interdisciplinary research approach. Natural hazards in this mountainous region may cause relevant costs in respect to maintenance and operation. GEORESEARCH is developing an innovative method based on cutting-edge satellite and drone technologies to support semi-quantitative analysis of natural risks.

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TV DOCUMENTARY Open Air Lab Kitzsteinhorn

Our high-alpine research activities at the Open Air Lab Kitzsteinhorn were covered for the ZDF series planet e. The documentary aired on 23.07.2017 and can now be viewed online. Our contribution starts at timestamp 8:30, detailed interviews with Markus Keuschnig (Georesearch) and Prof. Michael Krautblatter (TU Munich) are available as bonus material. 

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PROJECT GlacierRocks

On 1 April 2017 we launched the new and extensive research project „GlacierRocks“- Glacier-Headwall Interaction and its Influence on Rockfall Activity”. We, together with our research partners from Austria, Germany and Switzerland, will observe randkluft systems at the Kitzsteinhorn and investigate their influence on rock stability – an issue that is of particular importance in the context of climate change. GlacierRocks is funded by the Austrian Academy of Sciences and is planned to run until March 2020.

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Kooperation GEOLOG 2000

Cooperation with GEOLOG 2000 Fuß/Hepp GdbR - Engineering Company for SYSTEM and MEASUREMENT Engineering extended!

GEOLOG 2000 is one of the leading providers of multi-electrode geoelectrics, particularly proven under extreme, high-alpine conditions. Aside from inspiring discussions on potential future ERT application fields, we agreed on continuing the successful ERT monitoring at the OpAL Kitzsteinhorn. We are looking forward to our further cooperation with GEOLOG2000!


EGU 2017

GEORESEARCH is a new member of buildingSMART e.V.: As part of the competence network we will actively contribute to Building Information Modeling (BIM) and open interfaces (IFC). Our work is centered around BIM for underground construction/tunneling as well as infrastructure. We are looking foreward to constructive discussions and a good cooperation.

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CONFERENCE 9th International Symposium on Underground Construction in Soft Ground

EGU 2017

At the 9. International Symposium on Underground Construction in Soft Ground in Sao Paulo we were able to discuss the topic Building Information Modeling for Tunneling with an audience of interested specialists on tunneling. Aim of our keynote was: evaluation of the special requirements to a BIM resulting from BIM in tunneling and underground constructions and deduction of development possibilities.

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EGU 2017

From 23.04.2017 - 28.04.2017 the European Geosciences Union (EGU) meets in Vienna (Austria). GEORESEARCH will be involved in six poster presentations throughout the week. Check the contributions/timetable - we are looking forward to see you ...

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We are committed to knowledge transfer, particularly towards the young generation. At the Annette-Kolb Academic high School in Traunstein, Bavaria, we participated in the interdisciplinary workshop „KidZ21 – kompetent in die Zukunft“. Our contribution “When Mountains Crumble – Permafrost-Induced Natural Hazards” was well received by a large and highly interested audience of potential future researchers. 

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CONFERENCE AK Permafrost 2017

Gruppenfoto AK Permafrost

In mid-February we attended this year’s largest conference on permafrost in the German-speaking area which took place in Einsiedeln, Switzerland. More than 60 researchers from Germany, Switzerland and Austria participated in the AK Permafrost 2017 to present and discuss their latest research findings. GEORESEARCH contributed several interesting presentations.

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METHOD Augmented Reality Sandbox

AUgmented Reality Sandbox

We are proud to be the first official owner of an Augmented Reality Sandbox in Austria ( We use augmented reality methods to playfully impart information on complex issues. Based on our Augmented Reality Sandbox, landscapes can be shaped by hand and literally be brought to life. Individually formed landscapes can be augmented with elevation information, topographic contour lines and simulated water.

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Glacierized cirques are defining high-alpine landscape elements which react sensitively to climatic changes. Within the ‘Arge Alp’-funded project CirqueMonHT we at GEORESEARCH, together with our partners, are establishing a monitoring system in the Ödenwinkelkar (Stubachtal Salzburg) aiming at the long-term observation of changes relevant to rock stability.

PROJECT BIMunderground

The integrative tool of Building Information Modeling (BIM) is already widely used in structural engineering in order to optimize planning, construction and operation. BIM data structures used for such applications are not yet adequately adapted to infrastructure requirements. The overall aim of BIMunderground is thus, to adapt and optimize BIM for underground construction. Here, tunnel construction represents a particularly interesting challenge as not only tunnel elements but also geological properties and resulting parameters have to be integrated into the model.


TV DOCUMENTARY Climate Change in High Mountain Regions


A film crew followed us during field work in a randkluft at the Open Air Lab Kitzsteinhorn. The resulting TV documentary is available under the following link ("Gletscherschmelze - Klimawandel im Hochgebirge" on ARD Alpha, Bayerischer Rundfunk and 3sat).

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PUBLICATION Automated ERT Monitoring

In the current issue of the internationally renowned scientific journal 'Permafrost and Periglacial Processes' we proudly present new results from our geoelectrical monitoring at the Open Air Lab Kitzsteinhorn.

Citation: Keuschnig, M.Krautblatter, M.Hartmeyer, I.Fuss, C., and Schrott, L. (2016Automated Electrical Resistivity Tomography Testing for Early Warning in Unstable Permafrost Rock Walls Around Alpine InfrastructurePermafrost and Periglac. Process., doi: 10.1002/ppp.1916.


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